About Us

STRATIS is an internet content, e-commerce, and technology company.  We are an innovative market leading online retailer, digital content source, and custom manufacturer.  STRATIS is a holding company for multiple lifestyle ecommerce and digital content brands the we market through our innovative STRATISPHERE™ system.

Our Mission

Gain Altitude Every Day!

Our Vision

Provide the products, accessories, and content that fire the imagination and fuel dreams. 

Altitude is Our Founding Principle

Altitude defines who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Altitude is about making progress everyday. 

Gaining Altitude requires setting and achieving short and long term goals.  We sit with every employee and craft quarterly, annual, and 5-year goals that align with what drives them, personally and professionally, and what we need as an organization to be successful.  

Time spent at work should not be wasted in “making ends meet”. Rather it should be time invested in reaching our goals and dreams. We believe success of our people is inexorably linked to the success of our company.

Altitude is about reaching ever higher.

Gaining Altitude means achieving goals. Achieving short term goals provides momentum to set and reach ever higher goals. We challenge our teams and our organization to gain Altitude by reaching ever higher, pushing further, and breaking through any barrier. In the end we are working for our ultimate dreams and we should never stop short or accept anything less.

Altitude is about gaining greater perspective. 

Altitude widens the horizon and allows to see farther and clearer.  As we gain Altitude we gain perspective.  Perspective allows us richer insight and a way to see around obstacles we thought were insurmountable.  It allows us to see past our mistakes and chart a better path.  Gaining Altitude allows us to grow personally and professionally.

Altitude is all about freedom.

In the end Altitude is all about freedom.  The greater the Attitude the more space there is to maneuver, to try new things, to adapt to change. Gaining Altitude on your goals personally, professionally, and financially removes barriers and provides more opportunities and options.

Altitude is our founding principal.  Altitude is about who we are, who we want to be, what we do, and why we do it.


Close up portrait of Todd M. Carter CEO of STRATIS SYSTEMS INC

Todd M. Carter

President / CEO

John Aubrey


Matthew C. Carter

Technology Director

Jana Lee

Marketing / Advertising Director

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